Briers Mill Run

Briers Mill Run

Riverdale Park, MD

Brier’s Mill Run is located on the Northeast Branch of the Anacostia River where it joins with Still Creek in Riverdale Park, Maryland. Riverdale Park is one of the most populated regions in the Anacostia watershed with 86% of the landscape developed. This project was the first of its kind undertaken by the Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) and also the first stream restoration project constructed in Prince George’s County. This project serves as a paradigm for future restoration projects in this county.

Underwood & Associates began construction of this project on September 7, 2015 and completed it in less than three weeks. Our firmed worked diligently with AWS to enable them to keep to the terms of their grant funding.

The pre-restoration conditions at this site included a 36” outfall discharging over 12 feet above the receiving stream. This discharged had created a major gully of similar depth approximately 20 feet wide.  

A series of sand berms, cobble weirs, and step pools was constructed to restore 125 linear feet of stream channel. This Regenerative Design system allows stormwater runoff to slow down and infiltrate into the landscape, reducing erosive forces and providing time for water quality treatment. This constructed project met AWS’s goals of reduction of total suspended solids, nitrogen, and phosphorous loads, and treatment of at least 87% of the water volume.