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Underwood and Associates, Inc. (U&A) is seeking a Camera Technician/Videographer 

This position involves maintaining time-lapse cameras at job sites to capture both the progress of construction and subsequent rain events. Technician can expect to drive to job sites to place new cameras, maintain current cameras, swap memory cards, and replace batteries in our time-lapse cameras. Job sites are often located in the woods along stream channels; conditions may be very swampy. Collected photographs will then be sorted and uploaded to the company server. The technician will use stop motion software to create videos from the collected photographs. Technician will also perform other duties as needed to support the design/build team. This is a full-time position.

Rate: $13.50 an hour
Dental, 401k, Vision, Medical

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Underwood & Associates (U&A) is seeking Field Technicians for stream restoration and stormwater management construction. Job sites are located in Anne Arundel County, Washington, DC, the eastern shore, and other areas. Experience with outdoor construction, heavy equipment operation, landscaping, and related skills are preferred.

Rate: $15 and up, based on experience. E-mail to apply for the position or for more information.

Underwood & Associates (U&A) is seeking a motivated Water Resources Engineer/Ecological Engineer/Project Manager to support our design and permitting efforts for stream restoration, living shorelines, wetland creation, and habitat restoration projects. If you have value to offer and a passion for ecological resources we offer a tremendous opportunity for professional growth. You will be given the opportunity to participate in rewarding work and your efforts will directly impact both the value of the company, and our surrounding environment.

Job Description:

The selected candidate will join a team to support our design and construction efforts. Prior experience is required. This position offers the opportunity to contribute to a broad variety of efforts. Duties will include but are not limited to:

· watershed delineation and characterization
· hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and modeling
· drafting of technical/engineering reports
· project design and grading
· permit preparation and submittal
· responding to agency comments
· meeting with clients and regulators
· stormwater design and retrofit
· TMDL and MS4 accounting
· construction oversight and support
· management and oversight of small team

E-mail to apply for the position or for more information.

Stay tuned for Internship opportunities in the near future!

Company Profile:

Underwood & Associates is committed to combining the needs of a developing society with an adjusting environment. As a design/build firm we provide environmental engineering services and field construction services to restore the native interconnected hydrologic cycles through sand seepage wetland and stream restoration.  For more information visit: